West Midlands Vets Open 2016

This is a first for Sutton, three members of the club entered their first Vets open.



Julie Foster


Being a Vets competition, you might think it would be easier than a seniors open, but that’s not the case as Charles Benke found out, coming 7th in the men’s foil, although he was unlucky as he ended up fencing the eventual winner in his second DE. For Mervyn Shine, this was his first competition. He entered the Sabre and was really pleased he didn’t come last and said he enjoyed himself. He now realises that fencing sabre in the club is a bit different to fencing sabre in a competition – a ‘bit quicker’

fencingJulie was very happy to come away with a silver medal particularly as she hadn’t read the paperwork properly and thought it was a local regional event, a bit of friendly fencing on a dull Saturday.

West Midland Foil BYC 2016

It’s that time of year again, the West Midland regional British Youth Championships and we broke last year’s record for the number of fencers who entered. Can we possibly enter more than 10 fencers next year? Everyone fenced really well, in fact it’s fair to say that it’s the best of them have ever fenced and once again some of the results don’t reflect how well they did. Plenty of gongs though:-


Imogen Blakeley (U18 girls)

Oliver Nash (U16 boys)

Ben Crowley (U10 boys)

Liam Reid (U10 boys)

Dinah Tartaglia (U10 girls)

Other results

U14 boys
Matt McLaughlan came 9th, he was 7th after the Poules but started off badly in his DE and whilst he made a brilliant recovery, he just ran out of time.
Tom Losinski came 14th in his first competition and he hasn’t been fencing very long so it’s impressive that he entered at all.
Kieron Verschoyle came 13th.

U12 boys
Xander Heeks came 9th. This was an excellent result as it was his first competition and in fact, he was 6th after the poules.
Luke Crowley came 10th in the U14 boys, dropping from 8th position in the poules.