West Midland BYC’s 2017

Another fantastic turn out for Sutton fencers and the two girls go through to the National Championships in May.


U10 mixed
Rivan Mitra (11)

U12 boys
Ben Crowley (6)
Will Hardcastle (11)
Alex Francis (10)
Liam Reed (13)

U12 girls
Phoebe Yates (3)
Dinah Tartaglia (5)

U14 boys
Matt McLaughlan (7)
Luke Crowley (14)
Ishan Mitra (17)

U16 boys
Kieran Meakin (11)

Tomasz Losinki

West Midlands Vets Open 2016

This is a first for Sutton, three members of the club entered their first Vets open.



Julie Foster


Being a Vets competition, you might think it would be easier than a seniors open, but that’s not the case as Charles Benke found out, coming 7th in the men’s foil, although he was unlucky as he ended up fencing the eventual winner in his second DE. For Mervyn Shine, this was his first competition. He entered the Sabre and was really pleased he didn’t come last and said he enjoyed himself. He now realises that fencing sabre in the club is a bit different to fencing sabre in a competition – a ‘bit quicker’

fencingJulie was very happy to come away with a silver medal particularly as she hadn’t read the paperwork properly and thought it was a local regional event, a bit of friendly fencing on a dull Saturday.