Presidents Cup 5th December 2015

Sutton sent two teams to the 2015 Presidents Cup. We didn’t manage to win it this year, but out of 13 teams we did come second and equal third which is pretty darn good! And if you are being picky, technically we had more victories than the other third placed team, so let’s say second and third….

Gong: Team Silver: Tomas, Imogen and Dave

Gong: Team Bronze: Waiman, Julie and Sam

2014 – 2015 Season Round-up

Its coming up to the end of the fencing season and news has been thin on the ground of late on this site as we have all been slightly busy with our lives. Nonetheless this masks the fact that this has been perhaps a bit of a corker of a year for the club. Not just the trophies and the silverware (more on those later), but for the fact that we have seen a number of new faces join our club, both in the junior and adult section who have made excellent progress and who are treading on the toes of some of the long term members who will have to up their game.

The other side of fencing, beyond technical excellence is competition,and this year Sutton Coldfield Fencing Club has raked in a number of gongs, punching once again above our weight, (or thrusting beyond our reach!)


Tomas Kazik
Shropshire Open – epee – Gold
Cocks Moor Epee Open – epee – Gold
Birmingham International Open – epee – Silver
West Midland Senior Championships – epee – Gold

Imogen Blackley
West Midlands BYC – Foil – Gold
West Midlands Senior Championships – Foil – Bronze

Oliver Nash
West Midlands BYC – Foil – Bronze.

Tomas Kazik, Dave Cox, Julie Foster
Presidents Cup (mixed team three weapon) – Champions

Plus Gavin Rudge achieved his Level 2 BAF Coachng award.

The victories and accolades above are not the full story however, because while we have had our share of successes this year we have also had many fencers who have taken or continue to the plunge into competition, and not just from the senior club, like Charles, Waiman and Archie who do continue to do us credit.

Imogen, Oliver and Danielle were selected to the BYC finals in Sheffield, which is an awesome achievement. We should also we should point out the achievements of our Junior fencers, many who competed in their first regional british youth championships and and represented their club.

To round off its been an excellent year for us, and as the summer approaches we begin to look forward to another year, to sharpening our newer blades for next year and perhaps teach thinking of teaching you some new tricks – without forgetting the basics of course! On a final note I would like to thank Archie for helping me Gavin and Julie with the youth section. Has the reflexes of a cat and eyes of a hawk, which you kind of need with the kids.