Presidents Cup November 2011

There was a record number of teams in the Presidents cup this year. Sutton entered just one team consisting of Ian Bullock (Epee), Dave Cox (Sabre) and Julie Foster (Foil). There were were lots of great fights and for a while it looked like we might retain our winning number one spot from last year but we were finally narrowly beaten by the Squirrels from Stourbridge.

Gongs: Team silver.

Crystal Open 15th May 2011

Fencers: Gianfranco Muresu (Foil) Ian Bullock (Epee) David Cox (Sabre)

Gongs: Team Silver

Sutton Coldfield once again fenced in the Crystal Open this year, one of the few team competitions on the fencing calendar, gaining second place. It was a good result for the club, who did well in the pool rounds, with the fencers placing 2nd 3rd and 4th in Sabre, Epee and Foil, giving the team an initial first place seeding before the direct elimination rounds. The iitial DE bouts were fairly straightforward with Sutton Coldfield cruising to the semi-final without much difficulty. Here they faced the British Veteran team. In a close fought battle Sutton Coldfield beat the wily Veterans winning 30-28, with Gianfranco breaking down the initial lead that the vets had built up, but not after some controversy involving the scoring equipment.

The final against Wrekin however did not go well for Sutton. With a favourable roll on the fencers sequence (Wrekin were able to field their strongest fencer last) and tired from their battle with the British Vets, Sutton eventually succumbed despite some last minute heroics from Ian Bullock.

Overall this is still a good result for Sutton who improved on their 3rd place from last year.