Presidents Cup 2017

Sutton put a brand new team into the Presidents Cup this year (Claire on Sabre, Jack on Epee and Dan on Foil). They didn’t get a medal, but fenced well in each bout and can’t wait to take part next year (so they say!).


Shropshire Open 2017

Three fairly new fencers entered the foil competition at the Shropshire Open this year, together with one of our more experienced fencers. In the Epee, Tomas once again got a medal.


Epee – Tomas Kazik

Foil – Oliver Nash

Tomaz Kazil (1)
Rohan Tandon (16)

Olive Nash (3)
Dan Griffiths (14)
Jack Gilliard (15)
Rohan Tandon (16)
Charles Benke (6)